Bachelor of Science | B.Sc.

The underlying philosophy of the B.Sc. statistics program is to develop theoretical and analytical skills of the students so that they may be absorbed in the corporate world or be able to pursue higher studies at the Master's level in Statistics. In the rapidly changing globalised market scenario, the need was felt to equip students with the capability to understand and handle the dynamic of statistics and the business world.

Statistics and statistical methods play a major role in the work environment in areas such as business, science, finance, economics, engineering to mention just a few. It is very important that people are comfortable with reading statistics and using statistical methods. This programme will give you the knowledge and understanding of basic statistical methods such as sampling and collecting data, probability, distributions, regression analysis. By completing this course, students will gain the knowledge and understanding to confidently read statistics and apply statistical methods within their daily working environment.

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Lot of derivations are involved, in the subject of statistics, therefore usually we use chalk-board method. Also, to show various graphs and diagrams, we use power-point presentation.

To solve practical problems, Round Robin strategy of Cooperative learning is adapted in which entire class is divided to different groups of 5-6 students each. To each group one practical problem is given. Each group begins their brainstorming and the group leader records their ideas. Then is group presents their solution to the given problem to entire class. The main objective of Round Robin strategy is to make the students to share their idea, express views in effective manner to entire class. It also provides scope for active participation.

Career Prospects

Statistics being an interdisciplinary subject, career opportunities are in almost every field wherever analysis of data is required. After completing this program students may have career prospects in :

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • I.T. industry
  • Data analytics
  • Actuaries
  • Banking
  • Academics
  • Machine learning & Artificial intelligence
  • To determine optimum strategies in military
  • Government organizations such as NSSO, NSO

Programme Outcomes

By the end of the programme, learners should be able to:

  • Define statistical terms.
  • Comprehend statistical concepts and relationships in the economic and social aspects among others.
  • Interpret, use and present information in written, graphical, diagrammatic and tabular terms.
  • Deduce and infer through manipulation of statistical expressions.
  • Appreciate the beauty and crucial role of statistics in national development.
  • Enable efficient use of electronic devices to solve statistical problems.
  • Develop the ability to use statistical knowledge and skills in other disciplines.


Semester I Semester II
Descriptive Statistics-I Descriptive Statistics-II
Statistical Methods- I Statistical Methods -II
Semester III Semester IV
Probability Distribution–1 Probability and Sampling distributions
Sampling techniques Analysis of variance and Design of experiments
Electives Electives
Operation Research Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Project management and industrial statistics Research Methodology
Semester V Semester VI
Probability theory Survival Analysis
Probability Distribution Testing of hypothesis
Theory of Estimation Stochastic Process
Demography and Vital Statistics Elements of actuarial science
Elective Elective
Regression Analysis Econometrics Operation research-II Design of Experiments Data Mining Biostatistics Time series analysis Linear Model
Skill Enhancement Skill Enhancement
Statistical Computing using c- programming Statistical Computing using R


  • Department organises many hands-on training workshops on R-software, Python, Biostatistics etc.
  • Also visiting lectures from eminent speakers are organised in every semester.
  • Industrial visits to various agricultural universities are organised every year.
  • B.Sc. Statistics program also includes many electives such as Research methodology, operation research, Time series etc.


Mr. Prashant Shah