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Research and Innovation


The office for International Relations was started in July 2010 with the idea of globalizing the campus for academics and to have more research activities. Somaiya Vidyavihar now intends to bring innovation and promote research through exchange programmes; that will help us become  a ‘global campus’.


It was good to have partners all over the globe with idea of exchange programmes for the students. The exchange programmes give the students an opportunity to:

  • explore the possibilities of studying / employment for future
  • open the windows of mind to the whole world
  • get an opportunity to study abroad, that will get added to your resume
  • study in different environment
  • understand different cultures
  • make new friends from different countries
  • learn new languages
  • be self-sufficient and confident


Such programmes are useful for the faculty too, as they give them a chance to teach somewhere else and thereby get connected to the academics in the world to widen their horizons. Understand different / new methods of teaching and their impact on the students. Also to refresh knowledge and to find new subjects for research. In addition, they are benefited by travelling to see different universities and the systems in which they work. They can get a fresh perspective on the subjects that they teach.

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