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Internal Complaints Committee: (ICC)

"Internal Complaints Committee” (ICC) means Internal Complaints Committee to be constituted by an HEI under sub regulation (1) of regulation 4 of these regulations. Any existing body already functioning with the same objective (like the Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH)) should be reconstituted as the ICC; Provided that in the latter case the HEI shall ensure that the constitution of such a Body is as required for ICC under these regulations. Provided further that such a Body shall be bound by the provisions of these regulations.

College should include in its prospectus and display prominently at conspicuous places or Notice Boards the penalty and consequences of sexual harassment and make all sections of the institutional community aware of the information on the mechanism put in place for redressal of complaints pertaining to sexual harassment, contact details of members of Internal Complaints Committee , complaints procedure and so on. Need to inform employees and students of the recourse available to them if they are victims of sexual harassment; organise regular orientation or training programmes for the members of the ICC to deal with complaints, steer the process of settlement or conciliation, etc., with sensitivity; proactively move to curb all forms of harassment of employees and students whether it is from those in a dominant power or hierarchical relationship within HEls or owing to intimate partner violence or from peers or from elements outside of the geographical limits of the HEI; be responsible to bring those guilty of sexual harassment against its employees and students to book and initiate all proceedings as required by law and also put in place mechanisms and redressal systems like the ICC to curb and prevent sexual harassment on its campus.


HEI shall:


  1. treat sexual harassment as a misconduct under service rules and initiate action for misconduct if the perpetrator is an employee; 
  2. treat sexual harassment as a violation of the disciplinary rules (leading up to rustication and expulsion) if the perpetrator is a student; 
  3. ensure compliance with the provisions of these regulations, including appointment of ICC, within a period of sixty days from the date of publication of these regulations; 
  4. monitor the timely submission of reports by the ICC; 
  5. prepare an annual status report with details on the number of cases filed and their disposal and submit the same to the Commission. 

Supportive measures:

.(1) The rules, regulations or any such other instrument by which ICC shall function have to be updated and revised from time-to-time, as court judgments and other laws and rules will continue to revise the legal framework within which the Act is to be implemented. 

(2) The Executive Authority of the HEls must mandatorily extend full support to see that the recommendations of the ICC are implemented in a timely manner. All possible institutional resources must be given to the functioning of the ICC, including office and building infrastructure (computers, photocopiers, audio-video, equipment, etc.), staff (typists, counselling and legal services) as, well as a sufficient allocation of financial resources. 

(3) Vulnerable groups are particularly prone to harassment and also find it more difficult to complain. Vulnerability can be socially compounded by region, class, caste, sexual orientation, minority identity and by being differently abled. Enabling committees must be sensitive to such vulnerabilities and special needs. 

(4) Since research students and doctoral candidates are particularly vulnerable the HEIs must ensure that the guidelines for ethics for Research Supervision are put in place. 

(5) All HEIs must conduct a regular and half yearly review of the efficacy and implementation of their anti-sexual harassment policy.

Ref: Ministry of Human Resource Development (University Grants Commission) Notification New Delhi, the 2nd May, 2016.



KJSSC ICC email id : icc.kjssc@somaiya.edu

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