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National Level FDP on E-content Development
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National Level FDP on E-content Development
Feb 28, 2020 : Feb 29, 2020
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Seminar Hall, First Floor, K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce


National Level Faculty Development Programme (FDP) 2020


E-Content Development (Audio-Video)

28 – 29th February, 2020


Organized by Department of Chemistry and Commerce in association with IQAC


About the Workshop:-
The workshop is both hands-on and goal-oriented and aims to teach participants  specific E-Content Development skills. Participants will be taught the principles and Techniques of advances Mobile / PC based video shooting, editing and production.
Workshop Contents:- 
1. Requirement of Technology in Education and simple techniques for its implementation.
2. Types of Microphones, their parameters and their uses
3. Connectivity of professional microphones to Mobile / Laptop / PC.
4. Sound recording, editing and special sound effect.
5. Camera Shooting / Camera Facing Techniques with quality Audio
6. Video Production using mobile screen recording (White Board Video / PowerPoint Video)
7. Basic Video Editing using Android Phone
8. Advance Video Editing using Laptop
9.  Attractive PPT designing tips and techniques.
10. MultiCam Video Editing.
11. PPT to Video with Self Narration.
12. Green screen base Chroma effect video.
13. Self-Chroma + Power Point Presentation.
 YouTube uploads
The workshop aims to have the following outcomes:-
# Recording their voice at professional quality-levels by using minimum, cost-efficient gadgets. 
# Shooting theirlecturesandteachingsessionsinhighqualityaudioandvideo byusingtheirownsmartphones.
# Designing effective and impactful PPTs for classroom teaching - learning.
# Creating PPTs with their own voice over narration that can be used to  produce independent videos. 
# Uploading videos to YouTube.
# Concepts of Live - streaming classroom teaching sessions and other college events on YouTube.
Please register your name by clicking above link and join the Whats app group for further discussion.   
Registration Fees:- Rs.1500/-
Registration fees includes kit, breakfast, tea and Lunch.
Please Note that limited seats are available. Hence, please confirm your participation by sending an email to nanabhau@somaiya.edu  at the earliest.
Note:- Accommodation is available upon request and is chargeable.
Please note:- 
Laptop is not required for workshop. All practical training will be done using android mobile.
Please install following android apps before coming to workshop:- Cinema FV5 Lite, Lexis Audio Editor, KineMaster. Please keep photos, videos related to the topic in your mobile for which you would like to make videos.

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